When people utter that incessant cliché, 'Rock is dead,' they’re more often than not referring to the sound of the genre’s heyday. People looking for heavy riffs, swaggering drums, and stomping bass lines with no-nonsense declarations about living life on your own terms have a new sound to look towards, and it’s coming blaring out of Seattle. That's where they'll find classic rock and roll outfit The Mama Rags...
Consequence of Sound

I went into Hectic Electric mostly blind and excited, what I got was an album that produced a nostalgic and visceral experience that recalled a music style that seemed so firmly forgotten in the past that for a modern band to harness and experiment with that sound feels like something totally new and amazing.
Secretly Important

The Mama Rags live and breathe the music of hard rock bands of the late '60s and early '70s. Their sound is equal parts rock, psych, and blues with a little country thrown in. By taking these vintage influences and rearranging the sound a bit, they've managed to create an aesthetic that plays as both an homage and the next logical step in the history of their genres. It shakes the heart in your chest while carefully peeling back the layers surrounding your experiences and memories, positing itself as a conduit anyone can revisit the past through while still keeping one foot in the present.


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"[The Mama Rags] are a thread of Led Zeppelin, a patch of cigarette ash, a bit of Bowie, a down comforter ripped to shreds by the very metal guitar strings that once provided the melodies to a song they wrote and have now forgotten..."
The Monarch Review